“I’m a bag…and I look like a bag! But sometimes I feel like looking like a different type of bag! Like a Suave Bag”…is what our competition ought to recite everyday as they head to their workshops. Why? Because life’s too short to wear bring bags. Sadly, they can’t catch up. We are talking individual designs with unique shades and patterns. A million shades of Suave! Be yourself because the original is worth more than the copy.
I am a Suave Bag. I embody every aspect of the word. I look good and I’m not afraid to say it. My assembly requires an artistic mind such as the one that created me. I represent the African way in a light that makes my carrier proud to have me. I mix and match different fabric that complement each other in ways that only my creator envisioned; Batik meets Denim, Denim meets Leather, Kitenge meets Suede. As they say, the piece is an active part of the creative/transformative process; the piece is an activator.
I vary in print, colour, shape and size. I am versatile as you can take me on whatever journey you might be on. I blend in and still stand out. I bring your style to life.

It is a pleasure to meet you meeting me!

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